Author: Megan Sloan


Dealing with intersectionality

As someone with intersectional identities, there are situations that other people just do not understand. So many things are designed for the majority, like due dates and staircases. We live in a white heteronormative society that does not do much for “outsiders”. The struggle with such simple things, both mentally […]


MCCC and MCMC change graduation plans

Graduation ceremonies across campus have gone through several revisions over the past year due to COVID-19’s impact and its restrictions. If students have been following along with the recent emails regarding MCCC graduation, they know that many changes have been made. Monroe County Middle College (MCMC) students have also been […]


LAL rebrands as Student Success Center

The Student Success Center’s main goal is proactivity for the success of the student. Previously known as the Learning Assistance Lab, or LAL, the center has recently been rebranded into this new division, all made possible through the funding of the DTE Energy Foundation. Programs offered by the Student Success […]

Alumni Staff

Megan Sloan

I was never the best at writing. My low self confidence and lack of teachings led to a dreadful experience, but after finding an amazing teacher and earning a new friend it stirred my curiosity. Just as I do with everything I took this experience and tried to learn from […]