Alumni Staff

Megan Sloan

I was never the best at writing.

My low self confidence and lack of teachings led to a dreadful experience, but after finding an amazing teacher and earning a new friend it stirred my curiosity. Just as I do with everything I took this experience and tried to learn from it.

After years of hard work  I was able to find a joy in writing.

My typical choice of writing is scientific research papers, but I am always down for a challenge.

Journalism is a perfect balance of informative and creative all at once and I believe this will help form a new love.

I am currently here at MCCC as a middle college student earning both my associate degree and high school diploma.

This will be my last semester before moving onto a four year university.

I am a science major with a love for the arts. My brain is a medley of all subjects with a yearn for learning.

While at MCCC I have been able to enjoy the experience as a Writing Fellow, a theatre actor and now a journalist for the Agora.

I will be sad to see this place go but I am happy I was able to make the most of it.