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State fails to reach deadline

Community colleges appear to have escaped the state of Michigan’s budget ax. The state missed its Oct. 1 due date to determine a final budget for 2010, and is working under a new deadline of Oct 31. It seems to be certain, though, that community college funding will not be […]


S.I. leaders help students with tutoring

Their goal is to help MCCC students become independent learners.Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) leaders have been around since 1975 when the University of Missouri in Kansas City first started the program. The program reached MCCC in 1991. The program works by assigning an S.I. leader to a course that he or […]


Has Christmas lost its meaning?

The heart of the Christmas shopping season is here with stores, employees and companies working harder than ever to make this shopping season a success. Stores have hired seasonal help, organized their stores for easier accessibility, and trained their staff for the continuous shoppers.The stores are opening earlier and closing […]


MCCC exploring sports

Some students feel as if they are missing out on activities that a larger college or university might offer. “My sister and I could have gone away to play college ball but we decided to stay in Monroe for personal and financial reasons,” MCCC student and volleyball club member Amy […]


Does Santa Clause exist, or is he just a myth?

Over the past two centuries the story of Santa Clause has been told to children around the world.  At some point in time many children question the existence of Santa Clause, the answer is yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause.  The story of Santa Clause began in 1823 when […]


MCCC plans MLK celebration

The Diversity Committee at MCCC is planning a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Celebration for Jan. 18, 2010. Members of the MLK Day subcommittee include Molly McCutcheon, Tiffany Wright, Khadija Ahmed, Tom Ryder and Sandy Kosmyna.  This is the first year the college will be having daytime activities to […]


Campus gun bill issues debated

LANSING — A bill that would allow students to carry guns into classrooms and dormitories was the subject of a Michigan Senate hearing held this week. The hearing, chaired by Sen. Wayne Kuipers (R), was intended to allow state senators to hear opposing sides of the bill and to address […]


Former MCCC student publishes horror book

Success comes in many forms, and with Barry Brickey, the adage holds true. Brickey, a 2001 graduate of MCCC, has released a self-published horror novel, The Silence.  The story involves a family that moves into a farmhouse, on Denton Road, and unexpectedly find themselves involved in a century old curse. […]


New Moon brings in $140 million opening weekend

To many people, Nov. 20 was more than just any ordinary day.   Tickets were bought months ahead; the anxiety built up as it got closer to midnight.  It was time – time for the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Summit Entertainment now officially estimates the movie took in […]


Agora Chorale gains new leader

The MCCC Agora Chorale concert, held on Oct. 19, was the first concert conducted by Catherine Brodie, the choir’s newest conductor. She took over the position after John Tyner, the previous conductor, retired. “As choir members we are all very motivated by Mrs. Brodie; I absolutely adore her,” Jessica Werstein, member […]