Lions move into driver’s seat

The Detroit Lions convincing win over the Green Bay Packers marked their first Thanksgiving Day win in 10 years.

The Lions who have not won their division since 1993, had a chance to solidify their first place standing in the NFC North. A 40-10 rout of their rival Green Bay Packers ensued.

“I’m sure the turkey will taste better,” said Matt Stafford in an interview from ESPN.

After a poorly played first half that consisted of three turnovers for the Lions, they managed to bounce back and dominated the second, outscoring Green Bay 23-0 in the third and fourth quarters. 

Detroit scored 37 straight points after a Lions fumble that resulted in a 10-3 lead for the Green Bay Packers.

 Matthew Stafford threw for 330 yards and three touch downs; the combination of Reggie Bush and Joique Bell combined for another two touchdown scores, and 211 total rushing yards.

“When we get out of our own way, we can be pretty special,” said Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush.

The win was more than just a blowout victory over their rivals; it was their first win in 10 years on their traditional nationally televised game. For most in the country it is the only time they get to the Lions play all season.

“It’s big for us, and this city, said Head Coach Jim Schwartz. “You got some comments from a couple guys that haven’t been around this game before, and just waking up this morning and seeing so many people downtown, and that snow coming down, it was just sort of a magical-type scene.”

The win puts Detroit in sole possession of first place in the NFC North at 7-5 with just four games remaining; the Lions are now 4-1 in their division with one more game against the Minnesota Vikings. Detroit is also 6-3 in conference play.

Divisional and conference records are taken into consideration if there were to be a tie for a playoff spot.