Author: Delaney Vanover


MCCC Bookstore Moves to eCampus

The MCCC Bookstore that has helped students get the resources they need for their classes soon will not house books any longer. Students have no reason to worry because the bookstore will be replaced with a website set up through eCampus just in time for the upcoming Summer Semester. The […]


Criminal justice program plans expansion

Fully immersed in realistic training scenarios, the MILO Range Simulator offers training in de-escalation to equip police officers with the appropriate skills to tackle any situation. Dan Wood, assistant professor of criminal justice, visited a MILO Simulator on Jan. 28 to get the full experience of the training program. Wood […]


Delaney Vanover

After being given the chance to explore the infinite possibilities of writing, I fell in love with the creative independence and the opportunity to let my natural curiosity roam free. Essays and short stories always came easy to me. The words just seemed to flow out. With that being said, […]