Alumni Staff

Delaney Vanover

After being given the chance to explore the infinite possibilities of writing, I fell in love with the creative independence and the opportunity to let my natural curiosity roam free.

Essays and short stories always came easy to me. The words just seemed to flow out. With that being said, I always struggle to describe myself in writing. The obstacle I always seem to encounter is deciding what is worthy of mentioning to others.

This obstacle turns into more of an advantage when it comes to journalistic writing because I am focused not on what I would like to hear but on what is truly newsworthy.

I decided to write for the Agora when I set my sights on a career in journalism. Arriving at this conclusion was not a straight shot for me, but I feel like I have finally arrived at a path that perfectly combines my passion with practicality.

When I’m not writing for the Agora, you can find me making coffee, studying crystals and astrology and making playlists of music for every conceivable mood.

I cannot wait to embrace my curiosity and the urge to create, and there is no better way to do that than with the Agora.