MCCC Bookstore Moves to eCampus

While the primary sale of books and supplies will take place online, the MCCC Bookstore will continue to sell MCCC branded clothing and act as a pickup hub for online orders (Photo by Delaney Vanover).

The MCCC Bookstore that has helped students get the resources they need for their classes soon will not house books any longer.

Students have no reason to worry because the bookstore will be replaced with a website set up through eCampus just in time for the upcoming Summer Semester.

The project to move the bookstore to an online platform began two years ago with the end goal of lowering book prices for MCCC students.

Kelly Heinzerling, director of Auxiliary Services and Purchasing, created a task force consisting of administrators, faculty and students to help develop the site.

Valerie Culler, the director of Financial Aid, said she was on the task force to ensure this platform would continue to support financial aid for students.

Students can now use grants, scholarships and gift cards to purchase items on the eCampus site.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown did set the project back slightly by limiting faculty on campus, but the increase in online orders have worked in MCCC’s favor as students are now familiar with ordering supplies online.

There are many benefits eCampus also offers.

Faculty can research and browse a vast library of materials and even create their own course library by communicating with eCampus.

With eCampus, MCCC does not need to pay for the service, but rather shares revenue.

Students will have a more organized and detailed view of the materials required for classes.

When buying books, students will have the choice of new, used and online material and will be offered a guaranteed buy-back price if they choose to return it to eCampus at the end of the semester.

After purchasing, the books will either be shipped free of charge to the school within two days or directly to the student in two to seven days.

Although having books shipped directly to the student has been an option with the current online bookstore, eCampus makes it a more convenient process.

“Having the choice to have it [books] sent to their house instead of having to make a really long trip to the college would probably work in their favor,” Ella Ryan, a student at MCCC, said.

Searching for required materials is now different from the current way found on the MCCC website.

“As a student, you log into eCampus and be able to see your specific schedule and only the books that are required for those courses,” Heinzerling said.

The new navigation system is planned to be ready by the launch of the new website. However, if the system is not ready in time, it will be released in a separate wave for the Fall Semester.

In addition to textbook options, Heinzerling said this transition to eCampus will include laptop sales and allow the college to offer students a wider range of brands, now including Apple.

Using eCampus offers more affordable options to students while also supporting MCCC financial aid, gift cards and their own reward program with their partners. Students can use eCampus’s reward program to earn money by shopping online with over 400 designated retailers, like Target, Kohls and Walmart.

The physical bookstore will still remain on campus with Husky spirit wear, school supplies and as a location to pick up books purchased online.

“We are still going to be here and available to assist students in the new ordering process,” Heinzerling said. “We will have two kiosks set up in the store where students can come in, place their order and we can help them.”

The MCCC bookstore will remain open for the Winter Semester from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information, visit Room A-141or call 734-384-4140.