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Robin West Smith’s journey to empowerment

The little girl stood next to her mother at the bus stop, waiting to go to a second-hand clothes store. The snow gently fell and as she looked to the sky, her sight landed on her mother who had tears rolling down her face. She knew her thoughts. Being on […]


Detroit bankruptcy presentation examines 1967 riots

The Detroit Riot of 1967 had a lasting impact on the city and the people living there, but adjunct professor Robin West Smith has a physical scar to remember it by. During her youth, West Smith said she cut her hand on a broken glass bottle while playing with friends. […]


Robin West Smith: Outstanding Adjunct Award

ldquo;Total shock” were the first words out of Robin West Smith’s mouth when asked about winning the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award. The professor of Sociology cannot believe she was the recipient of the prestigious award. Nominations are put in by students and staff. The winner is decided by a committee […]


MCCC hosts 2017 Honors Reception

Miyuki Zerke, who won the Outstanding Student Award, poses after the reception with her awards. (Photo by Vanessa Ray)     Miyuki Zerke: Outstanding Student Award Nicholas Prush: Outstanding Faculty Award Robin West Smith: Outstanding Adjunct Award   Miyuki Zerke won the Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award at […]