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Backspacer Review

Pearl Jam has hit a little bit of a dry spell. Oh, let’s face it: they will never be as strong-willed and empowered as when they were the gods of grunge in Seattle. Eddie Vedder is still doing his thing with side projects, but after World Wide Suicide, nothing really […]


new treatment preventing HIV

Finally a cure? Excitement rose at the announcement exclaiming news of a vaccine for HIV, the once terrible disease that caused harm and sadness to many lives. With about 30 percent accuracy, students still remain hesitant in believing this is going to be the real deal.  HIV stands for human […]


Summer brings out box office winners

Every summer, a movie ticket becomes a key to a vessel that takes us from everyday mediocrity to witness otherworldly adventures, impossible feats and characters who delve into the deepest of meanings. Movies have a certain magic to them that allow the masses to leave their lives for a few […]


MCCC lines up concerts, comedian

MCCC has announced its 2009-2010 season of events. Mixing everything from the annual auto show and stand-up comedy, to famous musical talent and the Toledo Symphony, the events lineup has a bit of everything. Here is what to expect through the end of December. Sunday, September 27 Cars, Coins & […]


Not just a Cheap Thrill…

Any student who has taken a math class at Monroe County Community College has probably met Mark Naber, who teaches classes ranging from elementary algebra to Calculus II. His wife, Penny Dorcey-Naber, the administrative assistant to the Dean of Humanities/Social Sciences, helps guide students with a bright, smiling face. […]


Employees pitch in to save money

A penny given by employees is a penny earned for MCCC. MCCC’s Board of Trustees approved a 2009-2010 budget of $25 million on June 22, with some creative help by employees. College President David Nixon says that 80 percent of MCCC’s $25 million budget goes to paying expenses that relate […]


Tuition changed to contact hours

Jaimie Downes, a student in MCCC’s nursing program, found that the 13 credit hours she budgeted for this semester will now cost her $603 more than she planned. “That doesn’t include books, scrubs, tools, health insurance, and the price to join the Michigan Student Nurses’ Association,” Downes said. Downes, along […]


Michigan breaks promises

As many as 200 MCCC students will not be able to attend college this fall because of a promise that was broken.Students who were eligible for the Michigan Promise Scholarship received letters over the summer warning them that a promised $4,000 scholarship could be taken away. They were also informed […]


Student Government plans barbeque

MCCC Student Government is welcoming students back by holding a barbeque in honor of welcome-back week. The gathering will be Sept. 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  in the courtyard in the center of campus for any students who want to attend. It is free to all students and […]


Judge not, lest ye learn something

On a Tuesday, I arrive at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church at 5:30 p.m. so I can talk to someone before we start eating at 6 p.m. After driving into the parking lot, I see a fellow classmate walking up to the church.  She comes over and says hello and […]