Smoking ban gains another supporter

Last month, the Michigan Senate and House passed a statewide smoking ban that will eliminate smoking in public workplaces, such as restaurants and bars.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she would sign the bill.

 The law prohibits workers smoking in almost all workplaces, even restaurants and bars.

 There are some exceptions to the ban, such as tobacco stores, cigar bars, home offices, and motor vehicles.

 Smoking will be permitted on the gambling floor of the Detroit-area casinos.

 Michigan follows 37 states, including New York, California, and Illinois, to pass this law that will go into effect on May, 1 2010.

 I think this law being passed is great for Michigan and I can’t wait to go out and come home without smelling like smoke.

 For years, I grew up around my grandparents, who smoked. I never realized how bad it smelled and how it affected me after my family moved out of my grandparent’s house.

 I thought I would be used to the smell, since I grew up around so many of my family members who smoke, but once I wasn’t around it every day,  and came around it I couldn’t stand the smell. I still put up with it just like everyone else. I don’t let smoking choose what I can or can’t do, or where I can or can’t go.

 But I do think places, such as bars and bowling alleys, often have a near-constant haze and aroma of cigarette smoke due to smoking, and everyone there is exposed to it, whether they like it or not.

 I think that the law will encourage more non-smokers to come to bars and restaurants, if they know they will not be breathing in smoke or take its odor on their clothes on the way out.

 Smoke can irritate the lungs, throat and eyes, especially if people have breathing problems or other medical conditions, or simply aren’t used to the environment.

Protesters of the bill say that the ban can hurt businesses and also that it infringes on individual freedoms. If smokers aren’t allowed to light up in bars like they always have been, they’ll stop going.

 Many people avoid bars strictly because they do not want to leave them smelling like smoke.

 There are also dozens of harmful and potentially fatal chemicals in cigarettes.

 This new ban will finally enable people who care about their health to go into public establishments without having to accept the inevitable stench, and dangers of smoke.

The ever present haze of smoke makes food taste horrible, people less attractive, clothes smell bad, and children sick.