Author: Selene Avila


Students responsible for their health

Some believe a college lifestyle causes weight gain.   Weight gain cannot be applied to all college freshmen because each student is responsible for prioritizing their physical health. The phrase “Freshman Fifteen” is a stereotypical term for the 15-pound weight gain of a college freshman over the course of their […]


Student Government plans music events

Student Government is winding down from the school dance, but they still have plenty of events planned. Some of the more noteworthy events discussed during their recent meeting include inviting Bubba Wilson to the college for black history month, inviting students to perform at the college, and starting a community […]


MCCC offers tax assistance to community

MCCC has partnered with the IRS to provide tax return assistance. The college wants to help people with low to moderate income taxpayers, who generally earn $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities, and/or limited English speaking taxpayers, who need assistance preparing their own tax returns. All services are free […]


MCCC works to provide bowling for students

Efforts to get MCCC students bowling have taken a new turn.  At the beginning of the semester, the college proposed a student bowling league at Nortel Lanes in Monroe.  Tom Ryder, the Campus Community Events/Student Activities coordinator for MCCC, is an avid bowler. In the spring of 2014, he and […]


B-ball Fridays are back

The MCCC intramural basketball league began this past Friday, Sept. 26, with a school-yard draft. MCCC students gathered in the Fitness Center gym to pick teams for the upcoming basketball league. The league takes place every Friday morning through the next seven weeks.  Karen Turner, the fitness activities coordinator for […]


Fantasy Football: money, time, bragging rights

Fantasy football has grown exponentially in The United States since the start of the 21st century. Though the first Fantasy leagues began as early as the 1960s, the growth in popularity did not begin to boom until the late 1990s. Fantasy football spread as more people began using the internet […]


Students, faculty react to kicked-out gay youth

Growing up, we’re taught to never judge a book by its cover, or to never be afraid to express ourselves, to be whom we really are. That plan backfired when a Georgia teen was kicked out of his home for being gay. When 20-year-old Daniel Pierce told his parents he […]


New Net Neutrality Laws

So what is Net Neutrality, and what does it mean for you? Net Neutrality, loosely defined, is the term for when all internet traffic is treated equally. This is what we currently have. The internet is not defined as a public utility by the FCC. This means that the standardization […]


Environmental Science to get lab

Biology professor Tracy Rayl, tends to the plants in the campus Greenhouse which will host experiments for her Environmental Science class. Fall 2014 will be the first semester where the Environmental Science course will have a lab. The class has been offered without a lab for the last 15 years […]


Small town, big screen

Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad directs a scene in downtown Monroe from the movie, "Jinn." Detroit based production company Exxodus Pictures is bringing big time action and suspense right into our backyard with the new movie, “Jinn.” This action thriller directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad was shot in locations around Michigan […]