Author: Jacob Adams


After 45 years, Gary Wilson retires

MCCC art professor Gary Wilson is retiring after 45 years at the college. The Ceramics and Creativity professor says, “see ya!” Gary Wilson, who has the second longest tenure at Monroe County Community College, is retiring at the end of the semester. “It’s been a great 45 years. I’ve loved […]


Voter Registration

Efforts are being made to increase the overall amount of voters by encouraging students to register to vote. There has been a table set up in the A Building throughout the last few weeks, encouraging students to register. These efforts are being made to increase voter turnout for November 4th, […]


New Net Neutrality Laws

So what is Net Neutrality, and what does it mean for you? Net Neutrality, loosely defined, is the term for when all internet traffic is treated equally. This is what we currently have. The internet is not defined as a public utility by the FCC. This means that the standardization […]