MCCC welcomes new vice president of Finance and Administration

When longtime employee, Sue Wetzel, left the vice president of Administration and Finance position to pursue new opportunities in October 2022, MCCC was in need of someone to fulfill the role.

Kojo Quartey, MCCC president, said a search committee was put together to fill the need.

Quartey said a few of the people on the committee included: Scott Behrens, Grace Yackee, Christina Payne, Dana Blair and the Human Resources Department.

Along with a new person for the job came a restructuring of the positions title.

Man in suit
Curtis Creagh, Vice President of Finance and Administration

According to Quartey, the idea behind changing the title was to show the revamped focus on financials in the position while still meeting administrative needs.

“The finance side was emphasized, we wanted someone with a strong finance background and experience in finance.” Quartey said.

On Dec. 15, Curtis Creagh (Cree-ah) was hired as the MCCC’s new vice president of Finance and Administration.

“He puts people first.” Quartey said, “He is a very people oriented person and he is learning the culture.”

The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to give Creagh a First-year Probationary Administrative Contract at the Jan. 23 board meeting.

Before starting his position at MCCC, Creagh was the CFO for LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I like the feel of the values you find in a smaller community, I’m glad to be here, I’m glad to be working at this college and I think this is going to be a great fit.” Creagh said of his recent move from Memphis to Monroe.

Creagh described the vice president of Finance and Administration position as that of a CFO. He said he is tasked with keeping track of and knowing the schools assets and how they are being used.

Creagh said he hopes to continue adding to the progress MCCC has already been making and help in achieving its goals.

“As you come into a position you want to first understand who is there, what works, what may need to be tweaked, so those are things I want to do in the short run,” Creagh said, “and in the long run see how we can be better situated so we can can live up to those standards and be an institution that others will point to and say see how they do.”

Creagh graduated from University of Southern Mississippi where he studied accounting and business administration and went on to earn his graduate degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Creagh gained experience in the finance and accounting field as an auditor.

As an auditor, Creagh said he had many clients that were colleges, giving him the chance to gain experience and see the way higher education works.

Creagh also came from a long line of family who worked in higher education and ultimately found that is where he wanted to be as well.