Opportunity knocks at Wetzel’s door

Sue Wetzel, vice president of Administration, will have her last day at MCCC on Oct. 14, after working with the college for over 35 years.

“It’s when opportunity comes,” Wetzel said. “You don’t get to pick the time that it happens.”

Sue Wetzel, Vice President of Administration

Wetzel has accepted a job opportunity at Bergen Community College in Paramus New Jersey that will start Oct. 19. Her job title will be vice president of external affairs which is a new position at the college.

Bergen County is a suburb of New York City which is a 15-minute train ride to Manhattan. Wetzel said she and her husband have dreamed about living the big city life, which makes taking this job opportunity even more exciting for her.

“I am not ready to retire,” Wetzel said, “I think I still have a lot left to give.”

MCCC President Kojo Quartey said administrators work all year under a 12-month contract. They do not have to wait until the end of the semester like a teacher would that has classes with students.

“We wish her the very best, she has a great opportunity, she’s earned it,” Quartey said, “35 years is a lot of dedication and commitment to this institution, it’s more than we could ask for.”