Graduating culinary arts students host their final campus event

Bittersweet is how Chef Kevin Thomas described the afternoon as he named off another group of graduated chefs.

Families and MCCC administration joined in the cafeteria Wednesday evening to honor and congratulate the newly certified chefs as well as sample some of their finest creations as they catered their last campus event.

From Greek and Mexican based dishes to food truck favorites, the graduating chefs went all out, making their mentors proud.

“They have been working so hard to get here,” said Culinary Arts Technician Vicki LaValle.

The students had one day last week to partner up and plan what their dishes would be, the theme of their table, and come up with the figures for needed ingredients, LaValle said.

Following their planning, the students started preparations for the ceremony Monday and then set up the cafeteria with assistance from the first-year culinary students.

Graduating student Christine Masson said she was excited about the event.

“I kinda can’t believe it’s here, it snuck up on me,” Masson said.

Family members were excited as well.

“I’m really proud for him (James McBride),” said McBride’s grandfather Billy Neal. “He’s doing well.”