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Agora adviser puts down the pen

Dan Shaw completed one of his earliest assignments years before he was adviser of the Agora. Throughout my years within student journalism, I’ve met many great people. However, none have had the level of patience, wisdom, and intellect as Daniel Shaw. To put it simply, he’s the grandfather I wish […]


MCCC professor taking tour group to China

An Explorica tour group visiting the Great Wall of China. MCCC students and community members will have the opportunity to experience China’s unique culture and history. Dan Shaw, retiring journalism professor at MCCC, is leading a community trip to China in May of 2020. He said the trip will be […]


Students, staff give thanks

  Speech professor Mark Bergmooser prompts students to write what they are thankful for on his whiteboard hanging outside his office door. (Photo by Leah Thomas)     I truly have a billion things to be thankful for: getting a second chance at a higher education (and life in general), […]