Students, staff give thanks


Speech professor Mark Bergmooser prompts students to write what they are thankful for on his whiteboard hanging outside his office door. (Photo by Leah Thomas)



I truly have a billion things to be thankful for: getting a second chance at a higher education (and life in general), the honor of being named editor of the Agora – and having the greatest staff ever, my friendships with people like Leah, James and Joe, my amazing family. However, on this Thanksgiving, I’d like to give extra thanks for my wonderful turkey Gizzy. We received Gizzy from Tractor Supply this past summer. The lady who oversees the poultry calls us from time to time, usually when there’s a duck or chicken with a “problem” (undersized, some type of deformity), and we take them, raise them, and let them live out their lives happily on our no-kill farm. We were a little surprised when she said she had a turkey with neurological problems – but we took her, and it's become one of the best decisions we've ever made. She’s friendly, full of love and, instead of my table, she sits on my lap. She's made this semester bearable and I am eternally grateful for her.
Vanessa Ray, Agora Editor



During this Thanksgiving season, there is so much that I am thankful for. I am thankful for God’s abundant blessings in my life and the fact that I have a job where I can make a difference in the lives of others daily. I am thankful for my family; although I am far away from them, they are always near me in spirit. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!

Kojo Quartey, President of MCCC


I guess I’m most thankful for my boyfriend Andrew right now. I never thought I’d actually get a boyfriend, so… yeah, that’s really nice. Love you, babe! Additionally, the perennial thankfulness for friends, family, and Doctor Who also make the list. Happy Thanksgiving!

James Quick, Agora Staff


I am thankful for the opportunity to receive a higher education and for a family who supports me in my decisions.

Erin Thomas, Agora Staff


I am thankful for my four-year old niece. I have other nieces and nephews, but she is the only one I get to see. The rest live far away. 

Lexi Blevins, MCCC Student


I am thankful for God's provision and guidance. He has placed me in a loving family and directed my path of education. I can only credit Him for the opportunities I have been given and the success I have achieved.

Leah Thomas, Agora Web Editor


This Thanksgiving I am thankful for a lot of things. Mainly I am thankful for my parents and my boyfriend, Josh. I am thankful for my dad because he works out of town to provide for us. With our conflicting work schedules, I sometimes go months without seeing him. I am thankful for my mom because she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met. She thinks of everything and loves unconditionally. Lastly, I am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend because he is my rock and a huge stress reliever in my life. Seeing him instantly puts a smile on my face and my life is so much better with him in it.

McKinley Striggow, Agora Staff


I am thankful to be doing well in my Earth Science class and to have a supportive family.

Phyllis Alexius, MCCC Student


I'd say I'm most thankful for my family and our good health. It's not the most original answer, but sometimes the greatest things in our lives are the those that are right in front of us. 
I'm also thankful for being able to play and watch the sports I love.

Taylor Dively, Agora Staff


I'm thankful to have a baby coming soon and for my family and for my job.

Allison Gallardo, MCCC Student


I'm thankful for the amazing planet God has placed in our care, and the opportunity to do my part to help preserve and protect it.  

Dan Shaw, Agora Advisor


Every year, the answer to this question remains the same. But this year, it has new meaning. 
I’m thankful for my family and friends, as always, but I’m most thankful for where my life is now. 
One year ago, today, I didn’t have a permanent address and have been moving from apartment to friend’s house to townhouse. 
My family closed on a house in Dearborn Heights on Oct. 26, 2017.
One year ago, today, I was mentally drained in an emotionally abusive relationship that had me convinced I was worthless. A relationship that was able to consume every part of me until I felt I had nothing left to give. 
I finally found the strength to leave and haven’t looked back.
So today, I am loved, and I’ve been building up my confidence again. 
This Thanksgiving, be thankful for friends, family, and good health, but be thankful for you and how far you’ve come.

Miranda Gardner, Agora Staff


I’m thankful for my family and that they’re all healthy, and my relationship with Jesus.

Joe Wirick, Middle College Student


I’m thankful for how fortunate I am to be able to do the things I want in life. Nothing’s holding me back from what I want.

Vincent Werling, Middle College Student


My new daughter, she’s my second daughter, so both of them. She just turned four weeks old today. That’s what I’m thankful for.

Derek Roberts, Associate Professor of Psychology


I am thankful for moments spent with family and friends.

Felice Moorman, Assistant Professor Early Childhood Education


I’m thankful for my opportunity to be in the middle college and be able to gain free college credit. I’m also thankful for my friends and everyone who has helped me get through the middle college. And I guess I’m thankful for my family. They aren’t that bad.

Frank Yarger, Middle College Student


I’ll go basic and be generic, I’m thankful for my family as they are all alive and well. Thankful for education and being the nursing program. Just started this next semester in the nursing program, applied over the summer and didn’t find out until September.

Seth Collins, MCCC Student


I’m thankful for being in a better state overall compared to where I was several years ago. Glad that I finally have a sense of direction in where I want to go and what I want to do career-wise. The final thing that I’m extremely thankful for is that I don’t have any more issues with my voice and can speak again.

Donald Thomas, Agora Staff


Being able to go to school, having a job, being a volunteer fireman, having family that loves me, and getting job opportunities to move forward in my life and in my career.

Adam Hurley, MCCC Student