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Why are we being watched?

I am being recorded while taking tests for my online course. With this semester’s online format being new to most everyone, there are certain changes to the course formula that have taken time to get used to. I’ve learned to expect and adapt to the increase in busy work and […]


My newfound online optimism

To say I once disliked online classes would be an understatement. Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the stay out home order multiple times, and  the college inevitably made the decision in May to switch to online courses this fall. This change was necessary in light of what was going on around […]


Back to School BBQ

MCCC President Kojo Quartey participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.               MCCC's annual Back to School Barbecue on Sept. 9 was a day for gathering, socializing, and, of course, grabbing some good summer food as the season comes to a close.             “It’s nice to catch up with […]