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How green are we at MCCC?

Miranda Gardner Agora staff The campus green initiative looks good on paper, and great on site, but tells a different tale in practice. Biology laboratory assistant and student, Amanda Roelant said, the college is doing a good job with the recycling centers, but there is room to improve. “Some students […]


Geothermal installation nearly 75 percent complete

Installation of the new geothermal heating and cooling system is approximately 75 percent complete. The installation is finished in the East and West Tech buildings, according to Jack Burns, MCCC director of Campus Planning and Facilities.  The A Building is in the final stages of completion, he said. The Registrar’s […]


MCCC renovations scheduled

The Heating and Cooling geothermal renovation will take an estimated 18 months for construction to complete. Work will be primarily done in each of the original buildings, leaving the Health Education and La-Z-Boy buildings with minor installations in comparison. Those two buildings will continue to run on their current systems […]


MCCC’s outdated boilers put to rest

MCCC’s old boiler system was installed in 1978 and is too outdated to keep up with the colleges needs. Photo by Eugene Kutz MCCC plans to install a geothermal energy system to replace the college’s aging boilers. Jack Burns, MCCC’s director of Campus Planning & Facilities, said the college will […]