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MCCC sponsors forum on big issues

Ezinne Ndukwe, the senior health policy analyst at the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation, spoke about health care. Some of the biggest issues of Monroe County were addressed at a public forum at MCCC. A panel of three speakers gave presentations on public education, healthcare, and the opioid crisis […]


Panel: ISIS terrorists, not Muslims

Dr. Awadi discusses the ISIS terrorist threat. ISIS is not a Muslim group, but rather a political terrorist group. That was one of the key points raised at a forum on ISIS held Oct. 2 in the La-Z-Boy Center. "Islam means peace. A vast religion that teaches peace between the […]


Meyer Theatre full for ISIS forum

Student Alexiss Conte listens to Ali G Awadi, a speaker at the ISIS panel hosted by International Studies Club Photo by Shelby Spencer The Meyer Theatre filled up fast for a forum hosted by the International Studies Club about ISIS. Speakers Joanna Sabo, Sheryl Edwards, and Ali G. Awadi spoke […]