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Agora takes third in general excellence, wins eight other awards

The Michigan Community College Press Association on Wednesday, April 22, released the results of its annual student newspaper contest. MCCC’s student newspaper, Agora, captured nine awards, including third place General Excellence in the Division 2 category. Also highlighting this year’s awards, the newspaper’s editor, Todd Salisbury, took third place in […]


Give Blood

Give back and give blood. The life-force of all animals is blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients to our organs and keeps us alive. However, there is not enough blood to sustain all life. Burn victims, cancer patients, and surgeries all require blood from an outside source. Some of us […]


Jack and the Bear

hoto by Jordan Wilson      “The greatest thing you’ll ever see, probably.”   A local family band with a genre that can only be described as “theatrical rock”  with “vaudevillian tendencies.  Producer and drummer Adam Schreiber talked to me about their sound and background.   “We are three siblings […]