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Diving into Life in the Ocean

Students at MCCC now have a chance to dive into the study of the oceans with a new course coming Winter 2019 Semester. Life in the Ocean is an experimental Biology course taught by Tracy Rayl, assistant professor of Biology. The course will be structured as a level-100 course and […]


Fonseca wins outstanding faculty award

Dr. Maris Fonseca recieves her award from Vice President Grace Yackee            Dr. Maris Fonseca won the award for Outstanding Faculty of the Year at MCCC’s 2015 Honors Night.            She was not expecting to win the award.             “I’m still trying to assimilate what has happened,” she said.             “It’s a […]


Professors excited for new classes

The start of a new school year means the start of a new course load. Registering for classes can be difficult when you’re not sure what to take. Fortunately, MCCC strives for success for its students by expanding departments with topical and relevant courses. New classes are offered each year […]