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MCCC hosts sports impact luncheon

From (left) Lisa Jennings, Herman Moore, Wendy Klinski, Joique Bell, and Dr. James Miller attended the Sports Impact Luncheon to discuss suicide and the struggles of addiction. MCCC provided the La-Z-Boy Center’s Meyer Theatre for a Sports Impact Luncheon on April 24. The event, which is part of the Sports […]


Disagreeing over Narcan

Narcan {Photo via Creative Commons} MCCC security officers still do not carry Narcan, a drug that reverses the life-threatening effects of opioids when administered during an overdose. A story in the March 2018 issue of the Agora addressed the college’s handling of addiction on campus. In that story, social worker […]


Hope after addiction

Cheri Peters grew up seeing the type of evil that is normally only reserved for fictionalized horror. As the final event of Women’s History Month, Peters, host of the television program “Celebrating Life in Recovery,” and founder of a non-profit organization that provides recovery, spoke about her life and struggles as an addict.. Born to a […]


Former heroin addicts start 12-step meetings in Monroe

Seven former heroin addicts have started Heroin Anonymous meetings at two locations in Monroe County. They have come together to help current addicts learn to live sober. “Heroin Anonymous is a place where someone can go so they don’t feel alone,” said Jeremy, one of the organizers, who asked that […]