Amanda Althouse wins Fall 2023 Enriching Lives Award

The Enriching Lives Performance Award is an award given to staff at MCCC once every semester. This award is dedicated to someone who commits themselves to making positive changes within the college and strives to help students succeed through incorporating MCCC’s mission into their work.

In Fall 2023, this award broke college records by seeing the largest number of nominees recorded.

Amanda Althouse stands with her Enriching Lives Award. (Photo by Jamie Hunt.)

The recipient of the Fall 2023 Enriching Lives Performance Award was Amanda Althouse, coordinator of student success. She began her position in January 2023.

Tutoring saw a positive increase in appointments going from about 600 in Fall 2022, to around 1,100 in Fall 2023 with the plan to keep moving forward and making improvements. 

“My biggest goal is just working towards reaching a student wherever they’re at and making sure they have the support that they need,” Althouse said.

She expressed immense gratitude having received this award and made sure to thank her team for all the hard work they’ve put forward.

“I wouldn’t be able to do anything without this group,” Althouse said.

Althouse wanted to thank the students and people who nominated her. 

“I would definitely first say thank you,” Althouse said. “To be thought of like that is really motivating and powerful and I really, sincerely appreciate it.” 

Althouse also wanted to encourage students to help one another.

“I would also just say that there’s so many people on this campus working so hard, and students working so hard that we just need to take a minute and really make sure we’re always encouraging each other to be going for that next thing,” Althouse said.

Althouse also expressed interest in hearing directly from students to gain perspective on what she and her team can work towards improving or adding in order to benefit students. She welcomes students to reach out with suggestions either at the student success center or emailing her with ideas that are relevant and helpful.