Frightfully good reads at Poetry Night

A Scarecrow, a Skeleton, a Pin-up girl oh my, Where’s Waldo?  

These were just some of the fantastic costumes seen Oct. 26 in the Holladay Theater at MCCC. 

Lori Jo Couch, director of the Writing Center, said the event went well. 

“We had a great turnout for Poetry Night,” Couch said in an email. 

She said there were about 45 in attendance. 

This was the first Poetry Night using the newly renovated Holladay Theater.

Couch said she appreciated the help from the MCCC technical support staff.

Riley Burns and Brooklyn Kayson, writing fellows, helped attendees sign up to read their poems. Attendees were given the chance to submit original poems to be acted out by the Inside Out Dance Ensemble during their spring concert.

Burns said she is pleased with everyone’s work.

“I’m super proud of our promotions committee,” Burns said. “I work with a great group of peers, and I loved getting to see everyone’s hard work pay off.” 

The true excitement started once the writing fellows introduced the first person to the stage. The number of people that came to read their poems was outstanding.  

The poems ranged from sad, silly, to whimsical and happy. 

Kayson said she had a blast and was relieved by the relaxed atmosphere.

“I was nervous that the room would feel too stiff, but everyone was relaxed and confident when sharing their work,” Kayson said. “I had a blast, and I feel like everyone else did too.”

Kayson said the Poetry Night was a huge success between the attendance and those that participated.

“The Writing Center’s Annual Poetry Night was a huge success in my opinion,” Kayson said. “We had so many people attend and share such creative poems and stories.” 

Burns said she is excited to see which poems will be featured in the Inside Out Dance Ensemble’s performance in the spring.

It was inspiring to see people of all ages and backgrounds show how poetry is not just quotes from Shakespeare. Poetry crosses many more lines and boundaries than most people think.  This annual event highlights the local poetic talent.  

Chloe Bourbina reading the poem “I can’t understand how someone before me didn’t see you” by Ruby Dahl at Poetry Night on Oct. 26. (Photos by Maggie Sandefur.)
Autumn Dreisbach reading her original poems “Gone Fishing” and “Restless” at Poetry Night on Oct. 26.
Lori Jo Couch, director of the Writing Center, thanking everyone who came and calling for a brief intermission at Poetry Night on Oct. 26.
Matthew Parker, reading his original poem “The search” at Poetry Night on Oct. 26.
Cole Putnam reading a poem from the show “Bridgerton” by Shonda Rhimes at Poetry Night on Oct. 26.
Anna Muth reading an original unnamed poem at Poetry Night on Oct. 26.
The top two contestants for Poetry Night’s costume contest hugging. From left, Anna Muth, Sierra Seidelman, Mark Bergmooser.
Writing fellows, Riley Burns and Brooklyn Kayson, saying goodnight to attendants of Poetry Night.