Clowning around: Haunt actor shares step-by-step makeup tips

Reese Bowling

Friday, Oct. 13 is going to be wicked! It will be the debut of Malo the Clown, my own interpretation of a ludicrous circus performer at Spooky’s Fun House.

The haunted attraction takes place from 6-10 p.m. at the Monroe FOP, 1051 Strasburg Rd.

This will be my first time as a haunt actor and I just know it’s going to be spooktacular.

When it comes to clowns, I’ve always admired the likes of Pennywise, Art, Twisty and the Killer Klowns from the horror genre – If you know, you know.

I wanted my own take on a clown with a split personality. I feel the black shapes on a white canvas tell the story.

First, I needed a costume, so I ordered a black and white clown jumpsuit online and used bright red craft paint to add bloody handprints and blood splatter.

Transforming into a horror clown takes time. Armed with a fistful of makeup brushes and some special effects face paint, I sit patiently in a chair while a family member applies the makeup.

Step 1: Using a makeup wedge, they smooth a white oil-based paste on my face, avoiding my eye and mouth area. The wider end of the sponge can be used to dab paint on areas difficult to cover. For me, that would be my beard.

Step 2: Add some facial features like eyebrows, a nose and smile. One side of my face resembles a light-hearted Harlequin clown while the other side looks sinister.

Step 3: Details and shadowing. With an angled brush, lines are added under my left eye. Short brush strokes make the area look aged and cracked. Adding crooked lines through the smile gives the appearance of having surgical stitching. In order to add depth, use  silver, gray, black and white eyeshadows around the hairline, eyes, bridge of the nose and jawline (I  discovered eyeshadow powder helps seal the paint). I used waterproof goth makeup called De’Lanci Panda which is available on Amazon and comes in nine different colors.

Step 4: To add the finishing touch, add “blood” which is red paint on an old toothbrush. Using your finger, pull back on the bristles of the toothbrush to create a mist of paint. The faster you flick the bristles, the more paint you’ll have on your face. This is to create the illusion of blood splatter.

I tried a lot of different makeup kits before deciding on Bobisuka Halloween Cosplay SFX Makeup. It is a hypoallergenic makeup that is easy to apply, nearly smudge-resistant, crack-resistant and easy to layer or blend. It doesn’t require any special makeup remover but removing it is a tedious process. Makeup wipes and vaseline seem to work but the manufacturer suggests using olive oil with a paper towel.

Getting the chance to be a haunt actor adds to the excitement of “spooky season” for this Halloween lover. Who doesn’t want to hang out with witches, ghosts and goblins under the big top?

If you dare to be scared, join me at Spooky’s Fun House October 13-14 and 20-21. Admission for adults is $15 and $10 for children aged 12 and younger. I’ll be lurking to see you!