Maggie Sandefur

My name is Margaret Sandefur, and I’ve been attending Monroe County Middle College since 2020 and MCCC since 2022. This is my first semester on the Agora staff and I’m very excited to be working with everyone. When I found out I would be attending MCCC, I knew instantly that I wanted to be part of the Agora.

Maggie Sandefur

I’m undecided on my major, but I have a strong love for writing and plan to pursue a career that allows me to utilize my passion.

Aside from being on the Agora, I’m currently on my high school’s yearbook staff, which I was part of during the previous school year. I’m also involved in Student Government and served as the Historian last year.

I like to write songs and play my guitar in my free time. I’m also interested in photography, which I’ve been doing for a few years now. I got my start in photography by taking photos of events at the Frenchtown-Dixie library and have consistently practiced and improved my camera skills.

I am happy to be a part of such an incredible staff, and I’m looking forward to everything that comes with being on the Agora.