Ashley Atkins

My name is Ashley Atkins, this is my first semester of college. I am pursuing an Associate of Science in pre-psychology. I am returning to school

after over 20 years. My only other college experience was at technical college to become a medical assistant in 2003.

Ashley Atkins

When I’m not busy with school, you can find me writing poems, short stories, amateur drawing and painting. I recently moved to Michigan in February this year from Florida. I had lived in Florida for six months, and before then, I was in Arizona for 43 years.

I found the Agora through a newsletter sent out to students the first week of school. I love how open they are here. I came with no previous experience and have learned so much in a little bit of time. 

I am excited to join the Agora. I look forward to learning all the different aspects of journalism. My hope is to help create informative, and engaging articles.