The chaos of sophomore year

My original plan was to write about the advice I would give to an incoming MCCC freshman. However, I think I was more prepared going into my first year of college last year than I am now as a sophomore.

Megan Kane, Agora Editor
(Photo by Lexi Greenwood)

As the air starts to smell like fall and the school year begins, I usually feel a sense of nostalgia and excitement during this time of year. Yet something about this year feels a bit chaotic to me. 

I am no stranger to chaos or feeling unprepared, so I will enter this school year with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Last year was my first year being editor of the Agora, which I had never participated in, and we were just fine after I learned more about the environment of a newsroom. This year, our staff is currently without an assistant editor, which may be a bit of an obstacle, but nothing we can’t handle.

Another issue that may add to the chaos I feel, is the current lack of parking at MCCC. Dodging construction vehicles and holes in the road will surely add some excitement to my daily commute. The parking situation will make for an interesting first week of school.

I swear I am not an irresponsible student; however, I have not yet purchased my textbooks or any school supplies. Another disruption I have faced has been paying for college. Affording college is hard enough, but being unable to pay for it is another. As I’m sure some of you have noticed, the Financial Aid office is a bit behind. College is confusing enough, and struggling to understand financial aid and payment options has added to that.

Despite the disarray, at least I am prepared for my classes. I learned how to study successfully and take notes properly last year.

With this being my last year at community, I have to decide what is next for me. Where am I going to transfer? When do I apply? What do I even want to do? Will my credits transfer? 

Feeling nervous and a bit scattered at the beginning of school is expected. Whether this is your first or fifth year of college, give yourself some grace and realize no one actually has everything together. 

The best advice I can give you is to figure out what kind of studying works best for you and to wear layers because C Building is freezing.

Good luck this year, and look out for those crazy parking lots.