The Psychology Interest Group returns to campus

After a nearly three-year hiatus, the Psychology Interest Group is experiencing some of its best turnout and enthusiasm among group members.  

Professors Patrick Wise and Melissa Grey started PIG in 2012 with a focus on providing resources and enhancing members’ knowledge in the different areas of psychology, according to the clubs and organizations page on the MCCC website.

The group continued until the COVID-19 pandemic moved meetings to online platforms, hurting turnout and ultimately putting the group on hold until in-person meetings resumed in the fall of 2022.

Marie Seaver, PIG Co-Chair.

A little over a decade after the group was founded, Wise said he sees a lot of comparisons between then and now.  

“This group reminds me a lot of our first group, just as much desire, excitement and enthusiasm as that initial group,” Wise said.

Grey said she shared similar feelings as Wise about the club’s first group back following its hiatus. 

“I think I felt a little nervous, and once we had students interested, it was exciting and satisfying,” Grey said. “We have a fantastic group of students.”

Marie Seaver, PIG co-chair, said law, criminal justice and psychology have always been interesting to her, and she plans to further her education in the field by attending Tiffin University’s forensic psychology undergraduate program when she leaves MCCC. She said PIG has helped her get closer to her goals by giving her leadership opportunities and knowledge in psychology.

Seaver said she is grateful for the people who helped put the group together.

“We’re lucky to have interested and active people,” She said.”That helps move things faster, and the administrators really push for this to be a student-led group and that offers good leadership opportunities.”

This year, PIG has been able to host events on campus and recently had a bake sale in the S Building on Feb. 9.

PIG Members at bake sale in the S Building. (Courtesy Photo.)

Members said the sale served as a way to study if people were willing to spend more money on products advertised in eco-friendly packaging.

Macy Nocella, the group treasurer, said she was tasked with decorating and working the bake sale table.

“We raised a great amount of money for our group, but we were also able to talk to students and staff about our group and maybe bring in more members,” Nocella said. “It was a great opportunity to become more involved with campus life, and I hope that the group continues to be involved.”

In December, PIG sponsored an event hosted by Recovery Advocacy Warriors also known as RAW. At the event, RAW spoke about the proper use of Narcan, a drug used to revive people who have overdosed on opioids. 

“The benefit was there was no registration or fee for anyone that took one,” Seaver said. “When buying Narcan from the pharmacy, which is legal, there is the possibility of being added to a database or it being on record. This event allowed people to take the supplies judgment and fee-free.”

Nocella also attended this event and said she found it helpful and informative.

“I was glad to have gone because even though I never thought I would be in a situation where I needed Narcan, It makes me feel safer to have the knowledge and access to it just in case,” Nocella said.

PIG has a history of participating in these community-based efforts. Prior to the pandemic, Grey and three students worked with the Monroe County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition. 

They distributed materials to hotels the coalition assigned them too; this included putting notes in soap packages to help possible victims.

The group meets every other Thursday in Room L-142. One regular topic that they discuss is the monthly encouragement initiative, which is an effort to boost morale amongst students around campus according to group members.

“They’re positive messages to give people encouragement, maybe someone’s down, sometimes people don’t get positive messages in their life,” PIG member Jamie Hubert said.

For more information, contact Grey at mgrey@monroeccc.edu or Wise at pwise@monroeccc.edu.