First ‘Love for God’ event held on MCCC campus

It has been a long process for Monroe County Middle College student Matayah Hammill, but after more than a year she saw her dream come to fruition.  

Hammill, 15, and the MCCC Christ-Centered Community group hosted their first Love for God event Feb. 23 in the S Building cafeteria.   

“I have been planning this for over a year now and there have been so many roadblocks, but God is faithful,” she said to those in attendance.

Matayah Hammill, 15, co-founder of the Christ-Centered Community.

Adjunct professor Tim Curry, who is the faculty advisor to the group, complimented MCCC administrators calling them “amazing,” but said the process probably felt like a lot of red tape for Hammill, who is still learning how things work and how to navigate through those types of issues.  

However, Hammill’s resiliency was not lost on Curry, who said he praises her efforts.    

“She just kept going after it, she sees people who are struggling and she cares, what changed her is Jesus and she wants others to have that too,” Curry said. 

Mary Lyons is the administrative assistant for events, said she met with Hammill several times in preparation for the event.  

Lyons said there is a fee for non-clubs to host events on campus because of the need for extra security and custodial labor to service the event.

To avoid this fee, Lyons said she encouraged Hammill to first start a club and then pursue the event.  

“Watching her leadership has been amazing,” Lyons said. “She always comes across mature and has no problem asking what she is looking for.” 

Lyons said the group started with four members, but said she has witnessed the group double during their meetings in the La-Z-Boy Center, which are held every Monday 2:30-3:30 p.m.  

“It’s been wonderful to watch her club grow, because I don’t think we’ve had a worship club in a few years,” she said. “She’s just such an amazing young lady full of energy, always has a smile on her face and so much to say, she just has the spirit in her.”  

Lyons said they originally planned on 40 chairs for the event but then decided to increase the number to accommodate as many as 100 attendees.  

The seating increase turned out to be necessary as nearly 60 people attended the church-like event. 

The event featured acoustic performances from Marissa Cocherell and Alex Byerly, as well as testimonies of faith from members of the group.  

Hammill said she hopes to have another event soon.

For information regarding the group, contact Hammill at hammill.matayah@gmail.com, Ashleigh Bentley at abentley3@my.monroeccc.edu or Tim Curry tscurry@monroeccc.edu.


several attendees sitting at the event.
60 people attended the Love for God event on Feb. 23. The event was held in the cafeteria.