Alumni Staff

Jesse McDaniel

Hello! My name is Jesse McDaniel and this is my sixth and final semester at MCCC.

I am graduating at the end of the semester with plans to transfer to a four year college for my Bachelor of Education and later, my master’s in theater for the hopes of one day being a professor of theater.

I have performed all my life between singing, acting and dancing. The stage is my passion and I hope that one day I can share my passion and help guide the people around me and teach newcomers to the art of performing.

This year I got to be a Laker Girl in the River Raisin Center of the Arts production of “Spamalot”, which is the musical version of “Monty Python snd the Holy Grail”. Now I am playing Miss Scarlet in MCCCs production of “Clue: On Stage” as well as being the assistant to the director.

As for my journalism experience, I was in a club called Youth in Government in high school. I was in the press corps for it. My sophomore year I was chosen for the Media Editor position and the next year they chose me to be the Editor in Chief, I ran the press corps that year.

Thanks to YIG, I loved journalism. Agora is now giving me the ability to expand on the seed left behind from YIG and expand to be a part of a more professional news team. I love that I can bounce between taking pictures, posting on the socials, writing articles and interviewing people. I am making great memories here. I am so glad I decided to join the Agora, my only regret is not joining sooner.