New dean of Student Services at MCCC

Gerald McCarty is the new dean of Student Services at MCCC.

Man in suit sitting at desk
Gerald McCarty, dean of Student Services.

“I was promoted to this position, which is nice,” he said. “I was the director of Student Success and I worked with the Library, Disability Services, our tutors, our Testing Center, our student clubs, and our Upward Bound students.”

Following the retirement of the registrar for 25 years and the directors of Financial Aid and Admissions leaving, McCarty stepped up using his prior job experience to fill the gaps at the college.

“The college decided that since I was doing all that, that they would just have me just be the dean of Student Services,” he said. “And just kind of incorporate all of these, along with the other jobs I talked about.”

“It’s actually great, because it’s Student Services.” McCarty said. “From your Admissions when you’re enrolling, to your Financial Aid, to your registrar when you’re graduating, to Disability Services if you need something there, to the Library, to tutoring and Testing Services.”

McCarty said his position will work to make communication clear between all the aforementioned departments to allow for smooth operations.

“My plans really are to just bring everyone together, and start having those conversations of what all of us can do to support our students, to give excellent student service,” he said. “Including not just now in the Winter Semester, but heading toward fall.”

Before school starts, McCarty and his team plan to have activities that will help new students navigate campus before the first day of classes.

“It’s really going to be a time where students can come to campus before their classes begin, and make sure they’re signed up for the Wi-Fi, their WebPal is ready to go, they’ve got all their books.” McCarty said. 

“I really enjoy working with the students, I enjoy working with faculty and the staff, and just providing a great student experience,” he said. “I think that, to me, is the most important part of my job.”