‘M3GAN’ not quite the thriller I had hoped for

One thing I have never understood is the desire to have technology capable of doing more than the human brain.

That topic of artificial intelligence is explored in the new film “M3GAN” released on Jan. 6.

girl with robotic stare
Official M3GAN movie poster.

“M3GAN” follows the life of robotics engineer, Gemma, and her niece, Cady, after the death of Cady’s parents in a tragic vehicle accident.

Gemma is given emergency guardianship of Cady and takes her to live in her home.

Cady and Gemma struggle to connect as they both adjust to new life and mourn their deep losses.

In an attempt to help Cady and advance her career, Gemma has Cady bond with her latest work project M3GAN.

M3GAN is an artificially intelligent robot that looks and acts like a young girl Cady’s age.

Gemma created M3GAN to be a toy children would never want to replace.

What Gemma did not consider however was, what would happen when M3GAN gained too much control.

Cady develops an unhealthy bond with her new toy, M3GAN, and the toy becomes a bit of a homicidal problem in its attempt to “keep Cady safe”.

I was under the impression the film was going to be much more of a horror flick after watching the trailers.

However, I found the scare factor to be rather lacking and the overall story to be on the lower end of entertaining.

If I had it to do over, “M3GAN” might be a film I would have waited to watch at home once it came to a streaming service.

Although “M3GAN” did not quite bring the jumps and chills I was anticipating, it did have me thinking about why anyone would want technology to have that much control.

I certainly do not want to live in a world where my Alexa devices suddenly start taking over and controlling my life.