Extraordinary visuals in “Avatar: The Way of Water”

Clocking in at three hours and twelve minutes, “Avatar: The Way of Water” was definitely an adventure back into the world of the Na’Vi.

The first Avatar film was released in 2009 and was a record breaking box office hit.

the faces of four people floating over image of man and flying sea beast
Official Avatar: The Way of Water movie poster.

After taking over ten years for a sequel to come out, “The Way of Water” certainly had a lot of hype to live up to.

I saw “The Way of Water” for the first time in 3D. The visuals were absolutely stunning.

However, as a person who wears glasses already, I struggled a bit with the 3D goggles and was glad to have the opportunity to see it a second time sans the 3D effect.

Throughout the entire film, I was enthralled by the beauty of the world Director James Cameron brought to the big screen.

From stunning and vibrant colors to interesting and unique creatures, the world known as “Pandora” is one I wish I could visit, even just for a moment.

After being introduced to the expansive and gorgeous forest-based home of the Na’Vi clan, known as the “Omatikaya” in the first film, I was excited to see the world be expanded upon in this sequel.

“The Way of Water” picks up quite a few years after the events of the first film and we see leading man Jake Sully now has a gaggle of children with his wife, Neytiri.

Sully learns he has a familiar threat returning, which puts his family in immense danger and decides it is time for them to go on the run.

The Sully family flies to a new part of Pandora, where we get to see the oceanic home of the Metkayina clan of Na’Vi for the first time.

man touching fin of large sea creature
Lo’Ak swimming with one of the Tulkun, known as Payakan, the outcast.

The lustrous and bright blue waters the Metkayina live on are like the beaches that I have only seen in my dreams.

As I sat in the theater taking in the sights, I could do nothing but wish to smell the sea air and imagine dipping my toes in the sparkling water.

The attention to detail was simply stunning. The Metkayina people had physical differences that made their life on water easier, like a stronger tail for swimming faster and a skin color that blends perfectly with the aqua, blue-green of the seas.

“The Way of Water ” follows the storyline mostly surrounding the Sully children, specifically the middle two, Kiri and Lo’ak.

Kiri is the oldest daughter of Sully and Neytiri, whom they adopted after she was born from the avatar of the deceased Dr. Grace Augustine, a major character in the first film. Kiri is deeply connected to the world of Pandora and seems to have a bond with “Eywa”, the guiding force of all life on Pandora.

Lo’Ak is the rebellious and fiercely independent son of Sully and Neytiri. Lo’Ak never feels like he can measure up and spends much of the film learning how to come into his own character and grow up.

As the children learn how to be helpful in the home of the Metkayina, we get to see them learn how to swim underwater longer and are introduced to many unique sea creatures.

The creatures with the most important storyline are the “Tulkun”.

The Tulkun are large and extremely smart whale-like creatures with a special connection to the Metkayina people.

The Tulkun have gorgeous markings, almost like tattoos across their bodies that help show their unique identities.

The story of the Tulkun pulled my heartstrings and made me feel an emotional connection to the Pandora world.

The overall story of “The Way of Water” was quite similar to the original film, however I was truly engaged and enthralled for the entire film.

I loved all the visual effects and would watch it over again just to enjoy the artistic views.

many people stand in a ritualistic stance
The Metkayina clan standing together to honor the life of a soul lost.

I felt like I was on vacation in a world so different from my home and that is what makes me love movies so much in the first place.

Movies are a way to escape and have new experiences without having to break my bank.

“The Way of Water” was an adventure and an escape I was thrilled to be on.