“Halloween Ends”
Not quite the end I had hoped- SPOILERS INCLUDED

“Halloween Ends” brought the reboot trilogy of the classic Michael Myers slasher films to a close when it debuted in theaters and on Peacock Oct. 14. 

Man in mask and woman stand back to back
“Halloween Ends”

As much as I wanted to enjoy “Halloween Ends”, I found myself struggling to like this entry to the series.

The main antagonist of the “Halloween” film series is usually Michael Myers.

For most of “Halloween Ends”, however, Michael was hanging out in a sewer drain not really doing anything.

“Halloween Ends” introduced us to a new character, Corey Cunningham, who becomes a love interest of Laurie Strode’s granddaughter, Allyson. 

The relationship between Corey and Allyson was hard for me to connect to and seemed extremely rushed and forced.

Corey has a difficult past due to a horrific accident that lead to the death of a young boy he babysat three years before the main part of the movie takes place. 

Corey became a major pariah in Haddonfield and ends up being harassed to the point of being shoved over a bridge and left to die by a group of teenagers.

Instead of dying however, Corey gets dragged into the sewers by Michael.

Michael and Corey end up developing a weird connection that makes Corey start acting like he is Michael.

Most of “Halloween Ends” then follows Corey’s story as he steals Michael’s mask and takes on his persona running around Haddonfield leaving a path of death.

We do not actually see Michael outside of the sewers until pretty much the end of the film.

When Laurie and Michael have it out, and fight to the death, the struggle is over almost as fast as it began.

Laurie killing Michael so quickly was pretty unbelievable to me after the last film in the series ended with a mob of people trying to kill Michael together and failing. 

Man in mask holds woman by her hair with a knife to her throat
Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in their final battle on screen. (Official Movie Scene Photo)

Nonetheless, this is “Halloween Ends” so Michael Myers must die.

Laurie, Allyson and the town of Haddonfield ensure he is truly a dead man by putting his body in a car crushing machine.

The death of Michael Myers, who until now seemed impossible to kill, happened so quickly and was so anticlimactic I had a hard time getting excited.

One of my favorite movie-going events is when the climax comes to an end and the audience erupts in applause and enthusiasm.

However, “Halloween Ends” did not elicit quite the reaction I had hoped.

Instead of the theater clapping and cheering as the film came to an end, I would swear you could hear a pin drop as people left their seats.

I truly do enjoy the experience of going to a movie theater, but if I had it to do over I would probably choose to watch this one for free on Peacock at home.

I felt like the filmmaker tried to put too much into one film with not enough time or focus to truly draw emotion.