MCCC to host an upcoming Electric Vehicle Show

MCCC is scheduled to host an Electric Vehicle Show on Oct. 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in Parking Lot 2 in front of the Career Technology Center.

The event is free and open to the public and MCCC students. It will feature many showcases of the latest electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars. Some of the EVs that you can expect to see at the event are hybrids by Kia and

Chrysler, the Nissan Leaf, Ford Lightning Truck, Chevy Bolt, Mustang Mach E, and Volvo’s Polestar.

EV show flyer
College hosting Electric Vehicle show Oct. 15

Guests that are new to the world of EVs can get a chance to learn about them firsthand, and EV enthusiasts can connect with local community members that share an interest in EVs.

Attending will be members of Consumers Energy, DTE, and other ChargePoint vendors. There will be discussions and showcases of EV infrastructure plans to support EVs on the road, and the future of EVs.

“EVs are coming, and coming fast to populate the automobile market,” said Parmeshwar (Peter) Coomar. Coomar’s goal for the event is to inform people about EVs and help them decide how they want to plan their personal mobility. “Education and awareness about what is coming in the near future is the goal of the show.”

Additional questions can be directed to Parmeshwar (Peter) Coomar, at or 734-384-4209. You may also contact the Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology Division office at 734-384-4112.