MCCC hosts National Video Game Day open house

MCCC Business division hosted a National Video Game Day open house on Sept. 12, to promote the Computer Science, App Development and Game Design, and Development programs.

The event was originally planned to be held in Founders Hall. However, the presentation portion of the event was moved to the cafeteria in the S Building after a larger than anticipated pre-registration.

Erika Hunt, administrative assistant to the dean of Business, said there were 60 students registered and with guests about 140 people.

Attendees gathered in the cafeteria to listen to a presentation and were given refreshments and snacks as they waited for the event to begin.

The first part of the presentation featured Zach Moore, instructor of Computer Information Systems.

Moore introduced the attendees to the three programs and gave them a run down of what students could expect to learn and be able to pursue with their degrees.

Leon Letter, dean of Business, spoke about the financial benefits of attending MCCC before going on to a four year university.

Tracy Perry, director of Enrollment Management finished out the presentation by discussing the enrollment process and the programs MCCC has available to help students be successful in their education, such as the Writing Center and tutoring.

When the presentation came to a close attendees were taken to Founders Hall and given a tour of the computer labs used for the Computer Science, App Development and Game Design and Development programs. 

The labs had computers set up with games former students made during their time at MCCC.

Everyone was given the chance to play the games and get an idea of what they could be doing if they choose to attend MCCC.

Middle College student Nathan Gamboa said his favorite part of the event was getting to play the games made by the former students.

In addition to the video games set up on the computers, the labs also had two Oculus VR systems attendees got to play with and learn how to use.

Man standing at podium talkingMan standing at podium talking.Woman standing at podium talking
Zach Moore speaks at the Nation Video Game Day Open House about the Computer Science, App Development and Game Design and Development programs.
Leon Letter gives a presentation on the financial benefits of attending MCCC before a four year school.
Tracy Perry talks to attendees about how to begin attending MCCC and the different programs available at MCCC to make their school careers successful.
Zach Moore talks about video games that were made by former MCCC students. Open house attendees were able to spend time playing the games.
Zach Moore helps attendees set up to play the video games made by former MCCC students.
Attendees play former MCCC students video game creations.
Attendee plays video game at the open house.
Zach Moore speaks to crowd at open house.
Zach Moore puts on a VR headset.
Attendee uses VR headset during open house.