Beatrix Reinhardt creates community art installation

On Sept. 28 members of the community were invited to be a part of a collaborative permanent art installation led by visiting artist Beatrix Reinhardt.

Titled “Whispers on the 41st Latitude the workshop encompassed live plants and allowed for participants to create one of a kind pieces.

Participants and viewers came to view the previous work, as well as create their own.

To hear more about this installation and some of her other work, be sure to watch the latest episode of The Forum featuring Beatrix and her collaborator Gordon Marsh.

Building with Whispers on the 41st Latitude logo.Blue piece, featuring a large flower and grasses.A few pieces hung up, some grass like and some leaves.Leaf and grasslike pressed pictures hung on wall.Plants and table on the ground.Multiple pictures of flowers hung on the wall.People gathered around hanging art work.Plant art, hung from a string.Pressed grass, with a blue background.Small flower, pressed with blue background.
An outside look into the event.
A close up look at one of the pieces.
The wall at the front of the event, displaying a large leaf and grass like plants.
Another art wall consisting of grasses and leaves.
The plants used to create the art, sit ready for the next project.
One of the many walls of the art installation.
Attendees viewing the art.
A hanging display of the pieces created before the event.
A tall grass used to create this dark piece.
A small flower was used to create this piece.