MCCC Campbell Academic Center undergoes major renovations

The MCCC Campbell building originally opened in 1968 as the college’s Campbell Learning Resource Center. Since then, it has undergone some major changes, decided upon by the executive team.

These new renovations were put in place in hopes to make the building more student friendly, and accessible to all.

building with trees out front, viewed from a side walk
An outside look at the newly renovated Campbell Academic Center.

With its newly renovated state, the Campbell Academic Center has 53,279 square feet of space, an increase of 1,015 square feet, all of which was added to the first floor.

Gerald McCarty, director of student success, spoke about some of the new additions to the C Building.

He mentioned that it is equipped with sprinklers, keyless entry doors, energy efficient lights and windows, a fire curtain with fire rated doors, an entire new accessible library, as well as couches and sitting areas for students. 

Jack Burns, director of campus planning facilities, spoke to the major needs of the building.

He mentioned that the main issue with the old C building was the fact that it was not very ADA accessible.

Burns said that he is most proud of how they were able to transform the space into something that everyone can use.

Burns also said, “I want students to be as comfortable here as they are at their homes”.

He hopes that students continue to use the “huddle rooms” and spaces to socialize.

Beyond that, Burns pointed out that there are many private places that students can utilize for various things whether it is a break in the day, time to calm down, or even just to relax.

tables and chairs along with book shelves within the carpeted facility
A gaze into one of the new spaces within the library.

However, walking the halls some projects seem to be left unfinished.

Both McCarty and Burns gave insight to this, as they stated that the issue with many of these projects can be traced back to supply chain issues.

For example, many of the new computer systems are not present due to chip shortages, even parts of the basement are facing the consequences of this.

According to MCCC, the project itself totaled just about $12 million in renovations and was funded by the Maintenance and Improvement Millage passed by Monroe County voters.

Burns added to this, by mentioning that the plan exceeded the budget because of the supply chain issues. 

The architect for the project was The Collaborative and the construction manager was Barton Mallow Builders. 

As the Campbell Academic Center was not in full use during the 2021-2022 school year, students now have full access to all its new additions.