Alumni Staff

Megan Kane

This is my second year as editor of the Agora. This job has given me many opportunities and has been a fantastic learning experience. I love the hands-on experience I get from working in a newsroom, plus the yearly Agora trip to New York is the cherry on top.

Megan Kane

I have always been interested in journalism, specifically broadcast journalism. I was very involved in my high school newspaper and spent most of my free time working on video packages.

I look forward to working with the new staff and learning more about journalism together during the semester.

You can find me working on campus as a student library assistant when I’m not in the newsroom.

In my free time, I love watching movies and riding my bike. 

College has made me a stronger student, and I look forward to learning even more this year. 

This is my last semester at MCCC. I am transferring to U of M in the winter of 2024 to pursue a degree in communication and media. I can’t wait!