Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan still in development

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Planning Task Force took about two years to create a plan, and the Board of Trustees tabled it within an hour. 

Flags of hispanic countries stuck in the ground outside the A building for Hispanic Heritage Month
Flags from Hispanic Countries line the sidewalk outside the A building to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in October 2021 as part of MCCC’s Celebrating Diversity series. (File photo, 2021).

On February 23, the detailed documents of the DEI plan were brought to the board of trustees meeting to be voted on.

The plan failed to receive a second motion for voting and it was left tabled for a future discussion.

The vote was meant to finalize the detailed document that described the different layers of the DEI plan. 

“It was a very significant document, so it was presented,” said Lynette Dowler, Board of Trustees Chair. “I think what it really boiled down to was it was more than the board was comfortable voting on in that meeting because it is such a comprehensive program and we have a lot of questions.” 

Dowler said she does not believe there is a lack of support from the board, just questions about the details of the plan and a desire to have a more readable document.

“Absolutely, they can keep working the plan,” Dowler said.

The plan has already been brought into action on campus and will continue to work on ensuring MCCC is a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

“The board voted on the strategic plan for the college in May of last year 2021,” President Kojo Quartey said. “The strategic plan they voted on for the college included the general DEI plan as an objective. So by voting on that, in essence, they had agreed to our DEI plan being operationalized.”

Quartey said some of the ways MCCC has embraced inclusivity on campus has been by celebrating different forms of diversity each month with a series of planned out events, making sure there are more single use restrooms on campus, and adding meditation rooms that can be used for lactational purposes, prayer, mediation or alone time.

The DEI plan is a goal to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe when they walk onto campus.

Although there is no exact date yet as to when the details of the plan will be brought back to the board, the work being put in to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to MCCC will not stop.

“We’re doing a lot of the work already,” Quartey said,  “and we will continue to do the work.”