MCCC to host annual Honors Night

Students and faculty can anticipate the chance to be a recipient of one of 38 awards to be given out at MCCC’s annual Honors Night. 

Honors Night is to be held Wednesday, April 20, at 6:30 p.m. in the La-Z-Boy Center’s Meyer Theater. Refreshments will be served in the atrium following the ceremony. 

The event will last approximately two hours, according to Ann Gerweck, who is helping organize the event and also serves as administrative assistant to the Vice President of enrollment management and student success.

Students, faculty, staff, and family listen to Dr. Grace Yackee during a past Honors Night. (File photo)

There are two awards in particular that tend to garner a good deal of excitement and anticipation, the Outstanding Student and Outstanding Faculty awards, Gerweck said. These awards also happen to be two of the last of the evening. 

Students being recognized in some way at the event have received an invitation in the mail. However, an invitation is not required to attend. 

This year’s event is being held in person after last year’s Honors Night was simply a YouTube video uploaded on MCCC’s channel for safety concerns brought on by the coronavirus. 

“This event is such a wonderful acknowledgment of all the hard work and dedication that our students devote to their education,” Gerweck said. “It is exciting to see them celebrated in this way. They should all be very proud of their accomplishments.”