‘Bridgerton’ Season Two: the slow burn season

This contains spoilers from Nexflix’s “Bridgerton.”bridgerton poster

The vast success of Netflix’s first season of “Bridgerton” sent fans racing to read the series, corsets to trend online, and even inspired the Grammy-nominated album “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.”

Set in regency era England, the show follows the Bridgerton family, a widow and her eight children, as they navigate relationships, drama and romance.

The first season followed the oldest daughter Daphne’s diamond-debut in the social season. Ending with Collin’s departure, Simon and Daphne’s reconciliation, and the shocking unveiling of Lady Whistledown, season two’s release has been anticipated since the show’s Christmas debut in 2020.

On March 25, “Bridgerton” came back with the swoon-worthy story of the eldest Bridgerton son, Anthony.

Boy, did it not disappoint.

Going into the social season, Anthony vowed to find the perfect viscountess for his household, choosing to marry someone who fit the role and not to marry for love. 

In came the Sharma family, a mother with two daughters who quickly caught Anthony’s eye. 

The Sharma’s youngest, Edwina, fit the viscountess role perfectly, and after being crowned the season’s diamond by the queen, Anthony was first in line to pursue her.

Although, he had to get through to her older sister Kate first, and the two happened to have but heads in a chance encounter prior to the Sharma’s social debut. 

After overhearing Anthony’s true intent to marry, Kate tried everything she could to prevent a marriage, knowing Edwina wanted a true love match. 

But as Edwina fell for Anthony, so did Kate. 

two people looking at each other
Kate confronts Anthony after overhearing him obnoxiously explain what he looks for in a wife.

While I expected Kate and Anthony to end up together, I didn’t think it’d take as long as it did. 

Unlike last season, the show didn’t rely on racy scenes, but instead toyed with the audience by keeping a slow pace and heavily focusing on stolen glances. 

The wait felt like forever, but was definitely worth it. 

Like last season, the stories of the other eldest Bridgerton siblings, neighbors and acquaintances continued. 

Eloise Bridgerton was my favorite. 

She continued her search for the gossip writer Lady Whistledown and met a man on the way, who I hope to see more of. 

Them working together to track the writer and seeing Eloise slowly break down her tough demeanor for him was so sweet to watch and so rudely cut off by the queen’s hunt for Whistledown.

The most shocking part of the season, to me, was when Eloise discovered her best friend Penelope Featherington was the scandalous writer all along. 

I didn’t think the moment would happen so soon in the series, and I truly didn’t think Penelope would react so harshly when Eloise found out.

Kate and Anthony may have got their happily ever after, but seeing Eloise and Penelope fall apart broke my heart this season. 

Season three can’t come soon enough.