‘Halo Infinite’ delivers challenging, rewarding gameplay

Profanities echo through your headphones as you die, one kill short of receiving the killing spree medal. Feelings of failure lead to running an ethernet cord to reduce lag that is often noticed with wireless Wi-Fi.

You purchase a new controller to ensure all buttons are crisp and registering correctly. “I’m ready this time,” you tell yourself.

You jump back into the matchmaking lobby to exploit your next victims, but once the new match starts you notice a teammate has quit, leaving your squad shorthanded. Outnumbered, you fire your weapon with extreme accuracy in fear of being defeated again.

Heads hang low and smiles become frowns from the devastating ranked match loss. The screen flashes back to the lobby while you reflect on your methods.

Your gold rank downgrading to silver is like a thorn in your side.

This is no ordinary game. This is “Halo Infinite” multiplayer online.

“Halo Infinite” was released on Nov. 15, 2021, and is a Microsoft exclusive. The online multiplayer mode also allows for cross-play between Xbox and PC players.

Most video games award experience points for playing online, but “Halo’s” ranked matches will also demote you if you lose, making it a very competitive game.

With an enormous amount of customization options to your players armor and weapons, “Halo” will have you addicted to leveling up in order to unlock these features. Completing daily and weekly challenges rewards you extra experience points to level up at a faster pace.

“Halo Infinite” is a first-person shooter.

“Halo Infinite” is a very fast paced shooter game that can lead to frustration, but is very rewarding once you find your rhythm at wreaking havoc.

The game is pieced together very methodically. Timing is crucial when reloading and switching weapons, so the player must move carefully and make every bullet count while trying to survive.

The game’s ranked arena has competitive settings with no radar and battle rifles as you face off against other Spartans to progress your rank.

Another game type option is big team battles with assorted games on larger maps. Teams of 12 versus 12 will create a more challenging environment filled with carnage and chaos.

Gamers that prefer to work alone do have the option to play free-for-all slayer where it’s you against everyone else. You will be a lone wolf trying to slay your way to victory.

Players will have many options to choose how they would like to play the game since “Halo Infinite” has many different objective game types and a variety of arena maps.

Master Chief from “Halo Infinite” stares the camera down.

“Halo” veterans will be filled with excitement as soon as they hear the opening Gregorian chant and new players to the series can see why this game is so different from others.