Detroit Symphony Orchestra returns to MCCC

Nicholas Myers, Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist, was one of the first musicians to enter the Meyer Theater stage on Jan. 28, 2022.

Dmitry Sinkovsky plays and conducts a piece at the DSO’s concert at the Meyer Theater Jan. 28th, 2022. (photos by Emma Marion).

Myers likes to be sure to warm up his bass before his actual performance. 

“It is important to get into the right musical mindset before I play big pieces like we are tonight,” said Myers.

It was the DSO’s first concert back in the Meyer Theater since the pandemic. 

Karl Putich, principal French horn player, has been a member of the DSO since 2000. Putich said he has many issues with how the pandemic affected his time playing with the group.

“It won’t be the same with the limits on seating, but at least we get to play,” said Putich.

Under the direction of Dmitry Sinkovsky, the DSO performed Mozart’s “Prague” Symphony. The entire concert consisted of two Mozart pieces, which had three movements each. 

This orchestra consists of violinists, violists, cellists, bassists, floutists, clarinetists, oboists, bassoonists, hornists, trumpetists, trombonists, tubists and percussionists. 

As the orchestra members started to arrive, the musicians chose the scales, intervals, and warm up exercises that best suit them personally and that fit their instrument.

Substitute oboist Geoffrey Johnson plays at the DSO’s concert at the Meyer Theater Jan. 28th 2022.

Some musicians, like Myers, decided to enter the theater up to an hour prior to the start of the concert.

The DSO has many performances around the Detroit area.

“This is the farthest south that we travel,” Putich said. “I have missed this atmosphere and the small town audience.”