Young new business owner brings Culver’s to Monroe

The citizens of Monroe have a new restaurant they can enjoy without having to travel outside the city limits.

The new Culver’s is located at 1899 N. Telegraph Rd. 

Culver’s is a fast-food restaurant that has become famous for its fresh frozen custard, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, and ButterBurgers.

Man standing next to Culver's sign.
Store owner Chanse Meylan poses next to Culver’s sign in the Monroe restaurant. (Photos by Lexi Greenwood).

On January 3, Culver’s was opened for business by the store owner, Chanse Meylan.

Meylan is a young, first-time restaurant owner new to the Monroe community. He originally worked in insurance before deciding to open his own Culver’s. 

Meylan got his start in the restaurant world from spending time at the restaurant his friend owns and developed a passion for the environment and people.

When Meylan was deciding where to open, he took inspiration from his hometown of Bay City, MI.

 “I’m a big hometown guy,” said Meylan. “Monroe gives me a lot of the similar kind of feels as Bay City.”

Meylan spoke very highly of his staff and the community of Monroe.

I could feel Meylan’s passion and excitement for his new business throughout our conversation and I look forward to watching his business grow.

Meylan said they had a great opening; business has been very steady and he considers them super fortunate.

“I had a great support team though too that was here to help because we had a lot of new team members,” said Meylan, “so we had a bunch of support from outside restaurants that came and helped us here.”

When I sat down with Meylan I asked what his favorite menu item was.

“So my favorite thing would be Culver’s Deluxe,” said Meylan. “It’s tough to go wrong, it’s kind of like a staple to us.” 

I spent some time trying the food myself and experiencing what the ambiance of Culver’s was.

I tried the Wisconsin cheese curds and concrete mixer during my visit. 

Check out counter with Culver's menu screen behind.
Inside the Monroe Culver’s location.

The Wisconsin cheese curds pleasantly satisfied my craving for a salty, fried snack with their ooey-gooey cheese center and crispy shell.

The concrete mixer was the perfect blend of creamy and sweet and I loved the ability to pick what toppings I wanted inside.

During my time in the establishment, I was pleased to see that Meylan was a hands-on owner. He spoke to his team members with patience and kindness when helping them learn new things.

The environment was friendly, and the team members were all extremely polite. I look forward to taking my family back with me next time I visit Culver’s.