Snow day shenanigans

Due to the big snow storm, MCCC called a snow day for February 2 and 3.

boy laying in snow
Ezra makes a snow angel. (Photo by Lexi Greenwood).

Before returning to school last semester I was a stay at home wife and momma.

One of the things I miss the most while I am in my classes is the time I used to spend with my kids.

I am so grateful for my opportunity to further my education but I still get a little sad about the moments I am missing at home.

My oldest started young fives this school year so when snow day was called for both me and him, we both were excited.

I still had some online schoolwork to do but when I was done the fun began.

We trekked out into the backyard and were ecstatic to see a beautiful blanket of white fluff just waiting for us to roll around in.

The kids and I made snow angels and tossed snowballs for our dog, Rory, to chase after.

I can not begin to express the joy I felt as I watched the kids’ faces just glow with cheer as they grinned from ear to ear running in the powder.

I made the children a miniature snow slide on the back porch, so they could ride their sleds down, and watched as they giggled and screamed on repeat.

As we settled down from the snowy adventure the little ones remembered our snow day tradition of making snow slushies and begged for some sweet treats.

I made them each their very own slushy, with packed fresh snow from our table in the front yard, ginger ale, and fruit punch water flavoring.

The kids’ little eyes lit up as they chugged their fruity drinks and warmed up by the fireplace.

Our snow day may end but the memories we made will live on forever.

As I prepare to return to my classes at the end of this snowy adventure, I am grateful for the moments I got to have with my family and ready to jump back into school full force.

girl on sled hillboy on sledgirl on sledbrow dog standingthree cups filled with red liquidgirl with a cupboy playing in snowgirl standing in snowtwo small children playing in snow
Skylyn laughs as she slides down the snow slide. (Photos by Lexi Greenwood).
Ezra laughs and tosses snow as he slides on his sled.
Skylyn laughs as she gets to the bottom of the snow slide.
Rory takes a break from chasing snowballs.
Three fruit punch snow slushies ready for the kids to enjoy.
Skylyn grins ear to ear as she drinks her slushie.
Ezra tosses a snowball and giggles as the snow flies everywhere.
Skylyn all bundled up after tossing a snow ball.
Skylyn and Ezra makes snowballs on the snow day.