Matthew Stafford leaves Detroit, gets first playoff win in LA

Matthew Stafford has thrown for 49,995 yards and 323 touchdowns in his regular season career, according to NFL.com. 

Even though he has had this success and made millions of dollars as a professional quarterback, he has never won a playoff game. That all changed on Jan. 17, when the Los Angeles Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-11 in the NFC West Wild Card game.

This is Stafford’s 13th year in the NFL and his first playoff win. After spending 12 years with the Detroit Lions in the NFC North Division, he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

I asked a lifetime Lions fan Anthony Kimmerly how he felt about Stafford’s success in LA after his playoff victory.

“Had some nice seasons and kept the team in a lot of games,” Kimmerly said. “He’s in a better situation in LA and I think there’s a good chance you see him win a Super Bowl.”

I think most are happy for Stafford’s success even if he is no longer a Detroit Lion.

He did not leave Detroit on bad terms and did what he could while he was a Lion.

For Stafford and the Rams to move forward in the NFL playoffs, his next challenge will be a tough one. They face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday Jan 23. Will Stafford get his second playoff win?

As the Detroit Lions try to move forward without him, their record this year was 3-13-1. The curse in Detroit continues with or without Stafford under center.