80’s fashion is back

Some of today’s trends look very similar to the trends that were around in the 1980’s. 

A young woman wears scrunched up socks
Clancy Ratliff, a college student in the 80s, poses with her then-trendy socks on display. (Photo by Clancy Ratliff).

More men have been spotted lately with a haircut referred to as a mullet. 

According to the Cosmetify Hair Report, the mullet was one of the most popular hairstyles of 2021, so popular that even a woman will rock this haircut today.

A common item to grab before heading to Cedar Point is the fanny pack. That is what the accessory was called in the 1980’s, but some people today might be more familiar with the term waist or hip pack. 

Either way, it is very handy for holding items so they do not fall out of your pockets. 

Another very popular trend that has returned is leggings with tall socks and high-top sneakers. 

Ava Carper, my stepdaughter, is a freshman in high school, and some of her fashion sense reminds me of the same style I saw in the movie “Footloose.”

“My favorite place to look at ideas is Pinterest and talking with my friends even though some of them might have questionable opinions,” Carper said.  

She also said she did not like 80s clothes, and prefers to buy her clothes from specific brands like Nike, American Eagle, Aerie, Hollister, and PacSun. 

“My clothes just look different,” Carper said. “I wasn’t around in the 80’s, but I don’t like Reebok and my Nike socks look better.”

 It appears to me that some people do not like the reference to the 80’s when talking about their clothing or style. 

I have felt when using the reference, it was a compliment in memory of the good days. 

So, throw those high waisted jeans and crop tops on if you like them and just be you.  

Between movie reboots, reused musical beats, or fashion, history always repeats itself.